Welcome to our dental office.  We provide dentistry under sedation for those dealing with dental anxiety.

Located in the historic and picturesque neighborhood of Hess Village in Hamilton, we have been providing patients with quality dental care since 1990. What distinguishes our practice from others all of our dentists have completed multi-year Anaesthesia residencies in Dental Anaesthesia at the University of Toronto and are some of the few dentists in Ontario licenced to provide all levels of sedation including deep sedation and general anaesthesia. Dr. Campbell and Dr. Blackmore both have the distinction of being considered specialists in Dental Anaesthesia. At Downtown Sleep Dentistry our service allows patients who might suffer from deep dental anxiety to have the essential dental treatment they need with minimal stress. We take pride in providing these dental services with sedation in complete comfort and confidence.

Why we do what we do...

We don’t just provide dentistry. We provide peace of mind. Our highly skilled team of dental and nursing professionals have chosen this vocation to help provide quality dental care to those who might otherwise avoid going to the dentist because they are overcome by dental phobia. We have assembled a team of kind, gentle and friendly professionals who are committed to offering you the best possible dental and sedation care.

Providing you and your family with confidence, peace of mind and a stress free dental visit.

Our Hamilton office is here to provide peace of mind and confidence through quality care in dentistry; especially to those who experience dental anxiety.

What's the difference between a regular dental office and ours?

When comparing the options, it's important to understand the difference between sedation, conscious sedation, laughing gas, dentistry under sedation or anaesthetics.  What are the differences? There are many common misunderstandings prevalent in the dental market with respect to these terms.

Years of experience.  Generations of care.

We make dental care easy for you and your family.  We have years of experience dealing with dental phobia in patients of all ages. This gives us the tools and confidence patients rely on for quality dental care.