Dental Insurance Plans & Billing Information

We offer direct billing to your insurance company and we accept Healthy Smiles Ontario.

Dental Insurance Plans

Our friendly staff members are able to submit claims directly to your insurance company on your behalf. Please bring all of your insurance information with you to your appointment to ensure we have everything on file. Our downtown Hamilton dental office will also be pleased to provide you with a ‘predetermination’ form with the billing codes detailing your proposed treatment or submit them directly to your insurance provider, if you prefer.

How Does It Work With Private Dental Insurance?

During your consultation, we will give you a pre-determination of how much your procedure will cost.

Once we receive the insurance predetermination, we will give you an estimate of your costs due the day of treatment. For example, procedure costs $500, your insurance pays $420, you only pay the difference ($80) on the day of the appointment.

For your convenience, we collect the money from your insurance company and you are only responsible for the difference that is not covered.

You don’t have to delay treatment because you can’t afford the FULL payment. We believe this is the way it should be.

Should you have any questions about insurance coverage, how we submit your information to your company or any other billing questions, please do not hesitate to contact us today. We are always happy to answer all of your questions.

Privacy and Records

All information that you are asked for, or provide voluntarily to your doctor or the staff in this office is confidential. On January 1, 2004, a new federal law referred to as PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act), was brought in. It covers all aspects of personal information collection, uses and disclosures in the course of commercial activity, which includes your visit to this office. Part of the legislation is designed to make sure that you are aware of your rights with respect to your personal information. We will ensure that all aspects of the handling of your information are explained to your satisfaction.

Collection of Information

We collect information that is important in your care. This information is related to your physical care (such as medical history and allergies) as well as contact and financial information which will allow us to provide insurance forms and payment receipts. All records will be stored in a secure environment for as long as required by law and then disposed of appropriately.

Use of Information

Your personal health information will only be used for the care provided by us. This may include sharing of limited information with laboratories, the hospital, your referring doctor and others where necessary to ensure proper communication for your care.

Your Rights

You are entitled to access your personal records to ensure accuracy and make necessary corrections. The original physical records are our responsibility and we cannot give them to you, your legal representative, or anyone else unless such release falls under specific legislative or legal mandates. However, you or your designated representative can have copies of your files or x-rays with your written permission. Our office’s PIPEDA protocol and compliance information is also available upon request.


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We are here to answer any and all questions you may have regarding your sedation dentistry appointment. 

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Maureen (Mo)
Maureen (Mo)
From the days of general anesthetic because of my extreme panic disorder to this day getting a filling with nothing. The kindness, patience and compassion of Dr. James Blackmore and lovely Nadia is golden and has no price. The whole staff always makesme feel so welcome. Thank you, thank you!! James Blackmore and Nadia. I'm a happy and calm woman!! 😁 🥰
Naz Moledina
Naz Moledina
Getting my wisdom teeth removed as an adult was daunting due to all the scary tales I'd heard. I found myself calling the office repeatedly for reassurance, and I must say, the staff at Downtown Sleep Dentistry and Oral Surgery truly transformed my experience. Their support and care made it incredibly calming. I can't recommend them enough. Dr. Cuddy was not just informative but also incredibly compassionate. Dr. Blackmore has been by my side throughout my entire recovery, checking in with me daily—it's been nothing short of amazing. The nurses were kind and really helped ease my nerves before the procedure. From the administrative start to the final step, it was simply the best. I'm planning to return to them for my TMJ issues in the future. Thank you to the ENTIRE team at Downtown Sleep Dentistry and Oral Surgery!
I have been going here for over 10 years!! My children now go here as well. The staff are all amazing and this is by far the best dental office!!! You guys are awesome and thank you for always taking care of my family and myself!!!!!
Charlene Black
Charlene Black
Awesome place. Very friendly and caring. After extensive extractions I am sitting here pain free having coffee and a yogurt.
_jules _
_jules _
Dr Blackmore and staffing are fantastic. We have been taking our two kids here for years now. They are always friendly and helpful. I highly recommend him. My kids are anxious about dentist but they have no issues here. Little or big, this is perfect place.
Trisha Babygirl
Trisha Babygirl
Amazing calming safe environment for kids and parents they are so nice polite make you feel comfortable 😊 thank you for being so kind see yous on next appointment chase MOM 🙂
Dave McKay
Dave McKay
The team was outstanding and patient with our daughter. Very supportive and understanding. Dr. Cuddy was calming and very professional. Highly recommend.