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Children’s Sleep Dentistry in Hamilton

Downtown Sleep Dentistry and Oral Surgery offers stress-free sedation dentistry
appointments for children of all ages.

First-Time Patient?

Every child reacts differently to the dentist, which is why we offer multiple levels of kids dental sedation for all of our treatment options.

Pediatric dental care with sedation

Often times, children who require treatment on multiple teeth, require some form of kid sedation dental care.  Others may not have complex dental needs but require sedation or anaesthesia to complete their dental care. Many children require this service as they have been uncooperative at their pre-existing dental office despite behavioural control techniques, have significant anxiety associated with dental care and/or have more extensive dental disease. 

We always have a consultation appointment with children to determine their eligibility for safe anaesthesia treatment and to determine their current dental needs. Once we assess their situation we can begin looking at management options, which most often is deep sedation. However, it can also include various forms of sedation and/or general anaesthesia depending on your child’s level of comfort.

Kid's sleep dentistry in Hamilton
The consultation also allows us to explain the entire treatment plan to parents and caregivers.  We want to make sure you are completely aware of and are on board with your child’s dental plan. Our dedicated team of dental specialists will also take this opportunity to review diet and oral hygiene strategies to help prevent future cavities from forming as your child ages.  

Our goal is to provide your child with an extremely comfortable and safe environment while their dental treatment is being completed. To help shape the way for the future,  we want to create a great experience from the moment you arrive. We hope this will help lessen fear and anxiety for future appointment as well. Because of our kids sedation dental care options,  most of the time a child’s entire dental care treatment is completed in ONE appointment.

Cleanings and Exams

We understand that many children get anxious at the dentist which is why we offer sedation options for every aspect of the dental care we provide. We encourage all of our patients to maintain regular six-month check-ups and cleanings so we can detect and treat any early signs of tooth decay or gum disease. Oral check ups and cleanings include scaling and polishing your teeth to help you avoid cavities, gum disease, enamel thinning and more.

Digital X-rays

Digital radiography emits less radiation than other forms of X-ray technology and is safe for our patients of all ages when used responsibly. We take only the minimum number of necessary imaging. Not only are they used for looking for cavities between teeth that are not visible, but are also a helpful tool when planning for future growth and development.

Pulpal-therapy options

When a filling isn’t enough and a cavity extends deep enough into the inside of your child’s tooth, pulp therapy is recommended. As a sedation office, we can perform this with anaesthesia to maintain your child’s comfort as we remove all of the infected nerve. This will help maintain the tooth until the adult tooth is ready to come in. 


Extraction of a tooth can be performed under some form of sedation. We have a specialized skill-set, staff and equipment that makes getting out broken, impacted, infected or otherwise difficult teeth much easier and less stressful.


It is important that once a cavity is detected, it is treated swiftly to avoid discomfort, infection and early tooth loss. Although primary teeth are eventually lost, some of these teeth need to last until a child is 12, and the primary teeth help guide the proper eruption of the adult teeth.


If your child’s tooth has suffered damage from a large cavity, from trauma, or following pulp therapy (like a root canal for a child’s tooth), dental crowns can restore their function and appearance. Some use metal and others are white in colour. We are happy to show you models and pictures at the consultation so that you know what treatment your child requires.


When a tooth is either lost or extracted sooner than it naturally should have been, space-maintainers are used to ensure the other teeth surrounding the now empty space do not shift and preserve the space for the adult tooth to properly erupt into the mouth with the most ideal positioning.  

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