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Did you know that the first modern day dental crown was introduced in 1903 by Dr. Charles Land? It was an all-porcelain jacket crown, which was an invention he had patented in 1889.

Throughout centuries dental crowns have been created with many different types of materials from gold, ivory, bone and even human teeth. Fast forward to the 21st century, and dentists all over the world are still using dental crowns to protect our teeth; however, the materials we use have come a long way, to say the least.

As your trusted children’s dentist in Hamilton, Ontario , Downtown Sleep Dentistry and Oral Surgery has deep knowledge of how children’s mouths and teeth develop and over the years, have learned what materials are best used for protecting teeth.

In children’s dentistry, the tooth-shaped coverings are cemented onto a tooth to provide protection when a tooth becomes heavily decayed or broken. This allows time for the adult tooth to grow and develop as it should, without resulting in extraction.

Though there are several different types of paediatric dental crowns, including white and stainless steel, Downtown Sleep Dentistry and Oral Surgery believes that stainless steel provides excellent  protection and longevity for kids.

Stainless steel crowns are the most common type of crowns. Made out of surgical grade stainless steel, these crowns do not contain mercury. Because they are a shiner silver colour, they are noticeable in the mouth which is why they are most commonly used on molar teeth. These crowns are incredibly strong and durable. It has been noted that they can last many years – which gives kids time for their adult tooth to develop and take the damaged tooth’s place.

Another benefit of stainless steel dental crowns for kids is that it helps promote proper oral hygiene. Not only are these crowns corrosion resistant, they help by preventing infection and allowing the mouth to stay healthy and clean.

If that isn’t enough reason to choose a stainless steel dental crown to protect your child’s tooth, they have the added benefit of being extremely cost effective. In fact, a stainless steel crown costs less than a big white filling. 

To summarize, crowns are effective, durable, and cost effective, and this is why we often will recommend them for back teeth. Don’t worry, for front teeth we have white options. 

Stay tuned for part-two where we will discuss white, or zirconia, crowns!

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